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                  Support for Safari 12

                  This feature is disabled, as customer chat supports safari 12 browser. Customer Chat plugin – Support for Safari 12 has been temporarily disabled.So We updated the WP-Chabot plugin to display “Message Us” button on Safari 12browser usage, approximately 1% uses Safari 12 (29th October, 2018) Demo – At this page bottom right corner, “Message Us” button. …

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                  Whitelist Domain to render Facebook Customer Chat Plugin

                  For Security reasons Facebook, customer chat plugin renders only on the Websites that are whitelisted within the relevant Facebook page. Whitelist Domain Name From your Facebook page Click on ‘Settings’ Click on ‘Messenger Platform’ tab Scroll down the page – you can notice ‘Whitelisted Domains’ options Add full qualified domain name, For E.g  –   https://example.com/ …

                  Whitelist Domain to render Facebook Customer Chat Plugin Read More »

                  Basic Troubleshooting, WP-Chatbot, Customer Chat plugin

                  In case any issue with the plugin or messenger – please check these basic troubleshooting things. Whitelisted Domains Whitelisted the domain name at Facebook page settings ( please check again, If you give access, remove access to third-party tools, they may clear the whitelisted domain names list ) Facebook page is Publicly Visible Make sure …

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                  Chatbot Tools for Facebook Messenger

                  WP-Chatbot is automatically connected to MobileMonkey, an easy-to-use platform for creating Facebook chatbots. When you set up your Facebook Messenger chatbot with MobileMonkey, you: Never need to write code! The visual chatbot builder uses drag-and-drop widgets. Don’t need to create a new account. Just log into MobileMonkey with your Facebook account used to create your …

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                  WP-Chatbot – Settings

                  Things we need to Get Started. Facebook Page Facebook Developer Account, App ( Not Mandatory ) Two Important Steps Add Facebook page ID at plugin Settings Add your website address at Facebook page – Whitelisted domains section Facebook Page Create Facebook Page Find Facebook Page ID Enter the Facebook Page ID, in ‘WP-Chatbot’ plugin setting …

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