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                  The Multi-Channel Chatbot: SMS, Web Chat & Facebook Messenger Marketing with MobileMonkey OmniChat??

                  Welcome to OmniChat? — MobileMonkey’s patent-pending technology that lets marketers write conversations for multiple messaging apps.

                  Create chat blasts and chat drip campaigns as well as website chat dialogues, just once. 

                  Chat marketing campaigns and automated customer service conversations automatically work across:

                  • Facebook Messenger
                  • SMS/MMS (text messaging) 
                  • Native web chat (no user log-in required)

                  Design Messaging Customer Experiences Once.
                  Conversations Seamlessly Work on Many Popular Chat Apps!

                  What Is OmniChat? and How Does It Help You Sell More?

                  MobileMonkey What Is OmniChat Infographic

                  Chat Instantly with Customers on the Messaging Apps They Already Use

                  Customers say chat messaging with service providers is more convenient than emailing or talking on the phone.

                  • Messaging is convenient: 63% say “It’s less disruptive”
                  • Messaging is instantaneous: 53% say “It helps me resolve problems more quickly”
                  • Messaging is ubiquitous: 45% say “I can use a messaging app I already use”

                  OmniChat technology translates every chatbot conversation and chat marketing funnel you create to each of the supported messaging platforms.

                  facebook messenger hack - omnichat chat blaster

                  This is the power of multi-channel chat marketing that connects businesses to customers where they are.

                  OmniChat Triples Chat Marketing Campaign Reach

                  Time is every marketer and entrepreneur’s most precious resource.

                  So work smarter, not harder when building effective sales funnels and chat automation using OmniChat.?

                  A build-once, works-everywhere chat marketing campaign builder means you only design conversations, lead forms, funnels and customer support FAQs once.?

                  omnichat messenger web chat
                  omnichat native web chat

                  MobileMonkey OmniChat translates conversations to automatically work everywhere customers want to chat.

                  Triple the reach of chat marketing automation with three channels — SMS, native web chat, and Facebook Messenger — and watch for even more popular chat channels added this year.

                  Respond to Customers Across Multiple Chat Apps Using a Unified Inbox

                  Manage incoming replies from conversations across Facebook Messenger, SMS and native web chat from one inbox.

                  omnichat multi-channel unified inbox

                  OmniChat features a multi-channel chat inbox and advanced customer care features including:

                  • Conversations from Facebook Messenger, SMS and native web chat in a unified inbox
                  • Automated notifications of convos that need follow up
                  • Assigning live agents
                  • Tagging contacts for follow-up chat automation campaigns

                  You can even respond to conversations from the MobileMonkey Chat apps for iOS and Android.

                  Never miss a lead or conversation again.?Get MobileMonkey OmniChat today.