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                  Comment Guards Build Your Facebook Messenger Contact List Doing What You’re Already Doing on Facebook

                  List building. It’s core to a digital marketer’s practice. One Facebook Messenger lead magnet is a Facebook post autoresponder, which is also known as a comment guard.

                  Facebook Messenger offers more ways than any other channel to capture new contacts.

                  And of the many options for growing your Messenger contacts, Comment Guards are the best:

                  • Adds engagement to what you’re doing on Facebook already!
                  • Turns commenters into leads.
                  • And with MobileMonkey it’s easy to do.

                  With Facebook Comment Guard chatbots in MobileMonkey:

                  • Grow Messenger Contacts with What You’re Already Doing: Turn engaged commenters into lasting contacts. Need we say more?
                  • Add Immediate Engagement to Your Promoted Posts: Get more value from boosted content by automatically following up.
                  • Implement Facebook Post Autoresponders with Ease: Create your autoresponder content then pick a Facebook post to add it to. It’s that simple.

                  Add Comment Guards to Your Facebook Posts and
                  Build Your Messenger Contact List!

                  Grow Your Facebook Messenger Contacts from Commenters on Promoted Posts

                  The Comment Guard lead magnet is just about the easiest way to grow your Facebook Messenger Marketing contact list — because you’re already posting and promoting content on Facebook.

                  MobileMonkey’s takes what you’re already doing with organic and promoted Facebook content and turns it into a valuable lead magnet.

                  facebook post comment guard

                  There’s really no other way to connect in a lasting way opt-in simply from having a conversation in comments online.

                  Get more value from Facebook content by turning engagements into leads and contacts you can follow up with.

                  It’s Quick and Easy to Add a Comment Guard on Organic and Promoted Facebook Posts

                  With just a few steps MobileMonkey, add a Comment Guard to a Facebook post that will grow your Messenger contact list and add engagement to your post.

                  facebook post comment guard creation

                  Step 1: Create a new Comment Guard and name it.

                  Step 2: For people who aren’t already a Facebook Messenger contact create an autoresponder that’s relevant to the post content and invites a response. As soon as they reply, they’re opted in!

                  Step 3: Send them to the Messenger chat landing page you designed for this post engagement.

                  Step 4: Pick the post to add the Comment Guard.

                  And like that, your Facebook commenters are contacts in your Facebook Messenger list.

                  Engage Commenters with Immediacy and Relevance

                  When you boost Facebook content you’re taking the extra step — and budget — to get it in front of more of your audience.

                  Comment Guard lets you follow up with your engaged commenters with an automatic response in Facebook Messenger. Level up the immediacy of your engagement!

                  facebook chat response time

                  Rather than broadcasting a one-sided promotion, Comment Guard opens a door to sending follow-up content that nurtures your customer relationship.

                  Custom content experience, mission accomplished.

                  Add a Lead-Generating Comment Guard to
                  Your Facebook Posts for Free Today!

                  Getting Started with Facebook Post Autoresponders

                  Facebook post autoresponders are a great tool to add some juice to all of your organic posts. And marketers have had nothing but success with MobileMonkey?Facebook Comment Guards.

                  Learn more about Facebook post autoresponders and other Messenger tools for business, and start generating leads via Facebook automation ASAP!