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                  Lasting, Automated, Immediate Facebook Messenger Chat – The Best Website Chat Widget

                  Live chat on a website can increase conversion rates up to 45%!

                  When given a choice between email, phone and chat, more people choose chat for customer service and to get quick answers to their questions.

                  Now get this: On-site chat powered by Facebook Messenger automation is better than live chat:

                  • 24/7 instant response: Chatbots answer questions instantly with no wait time for customers.
                  • Cheaper than live staff: Businesses incur no huge staffing costs for operator services and can jump in when needed.
                  • Always mobile-friendly for users: Unlike live chat interfaces, Facebook Messenger chat is always mobile-friendly.
                  • Creates lasting contacts: Interactions in Facebook Messenger chat become contacts to nurture over a lifetime.

                  Upgrade to the Best Website Chat Widget,
                  A Win-Win with Customer Service Automation & Live Support!

                  No Wait Times with Facebook Messenger Automation

                  The Facebook Messenger website chat widget is ever-ready on your website, and is included in the +20?Facebook Messenger templates for quick-launch bots. When a visitor clicks the familiar Messenger icon, they get an immediate response inviting help to their question.

                  Add to the experience of instant gratification by designing your chat welcome page and main menu to offer navigation to the most frequently asked questions, like so:

                  facebook messenger website chat widget

                  Interaction is instant! There’s no “you’re fifth in the queue” or”your estimated wait time is 15 minutes” with this chat widget.

                  Avoid Expensive Live Operator Staffing Costs

                  Through the power of automation, answer FAQs around the clock with no extra staffing costs to your business.

                  24/7 interactive FAQ content is easy to create with the easy chatbot builder in MobileMonkey.

                  In fact, build a bot with the easiest-to-use chatbot builder?to handle Q&A triggers in 2 quick steps!

                  faq q&a triggers in 2 steps

                  Step 1: Build your chatbot. Here, our chatbot gives people directions to the office and includes a link to view the address on a map.

                  You can link people to the main menu, another chat page, a landing page on your site — anywhere you want!

                  Step 2: Add your Q&A Triggers — the keywords and FAQs to trigger this chat content. You can type in keywords or select from unanswered questions your bot’s received.

                  Handling FAQs in Facebook Messenger is instantaneous, more engaging than a static FAQ page and always mobile-friendly.

                  Jump in for Live Customer Support at the Right Time with Push Notification Alerts

                  Push notifications to your desktop and mobile app help you keep your eye on the conversation.

                  So when customers need live support, Live Operator Takeover enables your organization’s personal touch.

                  live operator chat takeover

                  Live Operator Takeover happens as soon as a human operator enters the conversation.

                  The chatbot will take back over after a 5-minute lull in the conversation or when the operator tells it to turn back on.

                  Make Lasting Customer Contacts for Future Marketing Campaigns

                  There’s another unique advantage to Facebook Messenger website chat: opt-in for future marketing communications.

                  Regular on-site chat doesn’t preserve your history for future marketing and doesn’t create a long-term connection for follow-up messaging.

                  Conversations in Messenger, no matter how short, become contacts eligible for messaging in the future. For instance, chat blast your Facebook Messenger contacts with just a few clicks:

                  marketing automation nurtures facebook messenger contacts

                  Nurture your Facebook Messenger contacts with follow-up campaigns, drip campaigns, chat blasts and other automation in MobileMonkey. Ready to learn more? Get more tips from MobileMonkey’s free Chatbot Tutorials.

                  Available Instantly, 24/7.
                  More Cost-Effective than Live Chat.
                  Eligible for Future Messaging.
                  Install the Facebook Messenger Website Chat Widget Today!