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                  Bot Analytics for Pro and Team Plans: Contact Growth, Conversions and More

                  Bot Analytics showcases your Facebook Messenger marketing campaigns in all the moments when data matters.

                  Included in Pro and Team plans, Bot Analytics give marketers valuable insights into Facebook Messenger chatbot campaigns.

                  Bot Analytics data illuminates the effectiveness of Messenger contact list growth and conversion campaigns from chat blasts, drip campaigns, Messenger Ads and conversions in chat.

                  What’s Included in
                  MobileMonkey Bot Analytics


                  • Date range selector
                  • Visual graphing of trends
                  • Total contacts
                  • New contacts
                  • Conversions
                  • Sessions

                  Additional benefits:

                  • Data to showcase campaign value
                  • Insight into campaign effectiveness
                  • Tracking effectiveness over time
                  • Clean visualization for reporting
                  • Agency support for Teams

                  Get an up-to-date snapshot of all your Messenger, SMS, and Live Chat contacts on the MobileMonkey Dashboard:

                  MobileMonkey Dashboard

                  Watch total Messenger contacts grow over time:

                  messenger chatbot analytics total contacts

                  See contact growth rate accelerate with each new Messenger campaign:

                  messenger chatbot analytics new contacts

                  Analyze how conversions correlate with Facebook chatbot campaigns:

                  messenger chatbot analytics conversions

                  Evaluate sessions, or conversations, taking place as a result of Messenger campaigns:

                  messenger chatbot analytics sessions

                  Showcase Campaign Value & Inform Campaign Strategies
                  with Bot Analytics in MobileMonkey Pro and Team