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                  Facebook Messenger Chat Blaster — Open Rates on Other Channels Can’t Compare

                  A Facebook Messenger chat blaster is one of, if not the most popular Messenger for business use cases.

                  Compare average engagement rates for popular marketing channels:

                  • Email blasts: 10-15% open rate
                  • Top search ad: 7% CTR
                  • Facebook Ads: 1-3% CTR
                  • Facebook News Feed: 0-1% of followers

                  Chat blasting is one of many?Facebook Messenger hacks?businesses can use with a free chatbot in MobileMonkey.

                  Facebook Messenger Chat Blasting via MobileMonkey:
                  70-80% engagement — in the first hour!

                  Facebook Messenger Chat Blaster

                  10x your open rate compared to email blasts. Schedule and bulk-send interactive, engaging content, offers and campaigns to Facebook Messenger contacts.

                  Facebook Messenger chat blast

                  Audience-Based Facebook Messenger Chat Blasting

                  With Facebook Messenger Marketing, it’s easy to segment your audience and serve content tailored to what customers are asking for. We’ll show you how it’s done in 3 easy steps using coding-free free chatbot tools.

                  Step 1. Collect information from your users via chat:

                  create audiences based on user input from messenger

                  Step 2. Create custom audience definitions based on those attributes (eg: people who are in-house marketers):

                  Facebook Messenger chat blaster: Custom Audience

                  Step 3. Blast your Content to Your Custom Audience via Facebook Messenger!

                  Facebook Messenger chat blasting

                  Visual Chat Blaster Content Builder

                  Create and send Facebook Messenger blasts with visual and interactive elements in minutes. It’s so simple.

                  Here we’re creating a poll to ask a user if they are an Agency or In-House Marketer:

                  chat blast Facebook Messenger

                  Immediate or Scheduled Facebook Messenger Chat Blasting

                  Blast immediately or schedule blasts for the future based on the recipient’s time and date.

                  For example, schedule a chat blast as an automated 24-hour follow-up message as seen here:

                  schedule facebook messenger marketing blast

                  Reporting on Chat Blasting Statistics

                  Visual chat blaster statistics give marketers data-driven insight into their most successful blasts.

                  Facebook Messenger chat blast: Bot Analytics

                  A 70% read rate is normal for chat blasts. Compare that to 25% open rate for average email blasts. And response rate is often three or four times the click-through rate in email!

                  Facebook Messenger Contact Growth Tools

                  MobileMonkey lead magnets help you grow your Facebook Messenger contact list like crazy!

                  Growth tools for Messenger include Facebook Comment Guards, Facebook Messenger Ads, Website Chat Plugin, and more.

                  Facebook Messenger growth tools

                  Facebook Messenger Chat Blaster Is Free with MobileMonkey!

                  Get Started With Mass Facebook Messenger Chat Blasts

                  For additional details and benefits to Facebook Messenger chat blasting, see how to chat blast your Facebook Messenger contacts!

                  Then, here’s what to do next: