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                  Segment Audiences by Interest Using Any Attribute

                  People who have interacted with a business are more likely to buy. That’s the driving force that makes remarketing so powerful.

                  Use custom audiences in Facebook Messenger to design remarketing-style automations around your audience attributes. And in Facebook Messenger, attributes can be anything.

                  Every Messenger contact you make has a user profile with standard attributes collected from Facebook like:

                  • First and last name
                  • Profile photo
                  • Contact creation date
                  • Time zone and locale

                  standard facebook messenger contact attributes

                  Add your own custom attributes to user profiles with each interaction. For instance you can ask for:

                  • Email
                  • Phone number
                  • Their interests collected via Quick Questions and Forms

                  From all these glorious attributes, here’s how to segment an audience.

                  Create audience segments to:

                  • Blast relevant offers and content
                  • Design drip campaigns to nurture and activate!

                  Design Custom, Dynamic, Interest-Based Audiences
                  for Remarketing in Facebook Messenger!

                  Easily Create an Audience from Any Attribute

                  Audience segmentation is a breeze in MobileMonkey. Just use the Audience builder, create a new audience, and add filters.

                  interest variable catering audience segment

                  For instance, create audiences by:

                  • Contact creation date to build an audience segment of newly added contacts.
                  • Custom attribute, from how they heard of you to the product they’re interested in.
                  • Layering multiple filters to narrow your audience and craft the perfect offer.

                  Create Chat Blasts and Drip Campaigns for Dynamic Audiences

                  Facebook Messenger marketing audiences are dynamic. They change over time as new members come in and others expire.

                  Just like search, display and email campaigns, Facebook Messenger marketing leverages dynamic audiences for automated follow-up campaigns.

                  Marketers can automate content and offers to Facebook Messenger audiences with chat blasts and drip campaigns.

                  For example, use a Messenger chat blast to deliver a time-sensitive deal to contacts from the last month:

                  audience based chat blast

                  And schedule a relevant drip campaign to activate an audience throughout their conversion journey:

                  audience-based messenger drip campaign

                  Send the right message at the right time. Set up Facebook Messenger marketing automation for dynamic custom audiences.

                  Leverage Audience-Based Facebook Messenger
                  Automation with MobileMonkey!