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                  New Facebook Messenger Ads Significantly Outperform Legacy “Engagement Ads” and “Traffic Ads”

                  Compare the ROI of Facebook ad objectives:

                  • Engagement Ads: Views or likes of posts have questionable ROI
                  • Traffic Ads: Expensive clicks lead to visitors who convert at around 2%
                  • Lead Ads: Captures user information but no way to immediately engage with them

                  Facebook Click-to-Messenger Ads
                  Capture Lifetime Customer Engagement!

                  Facebook Messenger Ads Deliver 100% Conversion Rate

                  You’re already advertising on Facebook, so stop paying for low-converting website traffic or a bucket of leads that you can’t immediately interact with.

                  facebook click-to-messenger ad preview

                  What are Messenger ads? Click-to-Messenger ads are super engaging. They’re always mobile-friendly. And the conversion rate is 100% because you get everyone’s contact info and can message them back via Facebook Messenger, capitalizing on Facebook Messenger marketing!

                  With Facebook Messenger Ads, watch your Messenger contact list climb for guaranteed ROI.

                  facebook messenger total contacts

                  Integrate Facebook Messenger Ads by Copying and Pasting Code

                  Ready to learn how to get more leads from Facebook? Start by sending your Facebook ad audience into your chatbot messenger funnel by adding a snippet of code.

                  You just pick the chat page you want to send your Messenger Ad campaign traffic to, copy the code, and insert it into the “Messenger Setup” area in Facebook Ad Manager like so:

                  facebook messenger ads integration with chatbot

                  Collect Facebook Messenger Contact Data and Custom Variables You Assign

                  With Facebook Messenger Ads and MobileMonkey, you get the contact information of anyone who sends your ad a message.

                  collect contact information facebook messenger

                  You can follow-up with them, blast them, send them content based on their interests and more.

                  You get more user data from Facebook Messenger Ads than you will from any other ad type, on Facebook or elsewhere.

                  Plus you can keep adding more intel you collect the more you interact with them with custom variables.

                  Stay in Contact with Customers for Life via Facebook Messenger

                  Create a personalized 1:1 communication channel with your customers. Stay engaged with your Messenger contacts by answering questions and offering support.

                  So when a customer asks a question via Facebook Messenger chat, they get an immediate answer plus a person to follow-up if they want to talk.

                  1-on-1 communication in facebook messenger

                  Upgrade to Engaging Facebook Messenger Ads with MobileMonkey!