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                  Build Conversational Chatbots for Facebook Messenger Marketing with Question-and-Answer Triggers

                  You can use MobileMonkey to build a chatbot based interactive question answering system for Messenger, live chat on your website, and SMS text message marketing.

                  Easily serve your contacts and customers a personalized content experience while answering the questions they ask most.

                  Use conversational, engaging, mobile-friendly Facebook Messenger marketing automation from MobileMonkey.

                  • Answer Frequently Asked Questions: Chatbots handle FAQs, customer service, appointment scheduling and those 50-60% of common requests you get all the time. This chatbot training can help you to understand the chatbot ins and outs.?
                  • Quickly Serve Content Matching User Intent: You design content experiences triggered by “broad-match” keywords and serve users the content they’re looking for immediately.
                  • Stay Engaged and Learn Over Time: Smart Facebook Messenger marketing technology learns over time and with more interactions while engaging contacts in a personal way.
                  • Get Multi-lingual Support: Support for conversational language processing for 30+ languages is included.

                  Conversational Chatbots and Marketing Automation
                  Made Easy for Facebook Messenger Marketing!

                  MobileMonkey Helps You Serve Intent-Based Content to Your Audiences

                  When your customer has a question, Q&A triggers for Facebook Messenger chatbots deliver popular and in-demand content that answers frequently asked questions.

                  Q&A triggers make it easy to assign a chat experience to keywords or common visitor queries.

                  You might set up reply text with multiple options, the way we’re responding to “tell me a joke” in this example. Or you could assign a web page to a trigger, such as “pricing” to provide a response directing that user to your Pricing page.

                  question answer chatbot

                  Facebook Messenger Chatbots Are Teachable Technology

                  The Natural Language Processing (NLP) employed by MobileMonkey helps your chatbots understand your users better with every interaction.

                  And the keywords you assign as Q&A triggers are broad-matched, to use familiar terminology. In other words, every keyword you assign to content will also be shown for similar keywords, like “hi,” “hello” and “hey”.

                  You can even add a touch of AI-fun in the conversational settings. Choose to let MobileMonkey’s conversational processing answer never-before-seen questions with its quirky robot personality.

                  conversational language processing chatbot setting

                  Or, keep it kosher and opt for your choice of a default chat page to serve users asking new questions.

                  Assign New Questions to Chatbots with a Click

                  Train your Facebook Messenger chatbot how to respond to common questions.

                  MobileMonkey shows you the most common unanswered questions you’re getting in Facebook Messenger chat. From here, create the response that makes sense for these queries and similar ones.

                  conversational chatbots q&a triggers

                  Just create a new Q&A and select an unanswered question from a drop-down menu. Then it’s as simple as typing the reply text or choosing a chat experience with more information!

                  Includes Multi-Lingual Support for Conversational Language Processing

                  The conversational language technology and Q&A triggers are supported in over 30 languages:

                  • Armenian
                  • Basque
                  • Bulgarian
                  • Catalan
                  • Chinese
                  • Czech
                  • Danish
                  • Dutch
                  • English
                  • Finnish
                  • French (Canada)
                  • French (France)
                  • Galician
                  • German
                  • Greek
                  • Hindi
                  • Hungarian
                  • Indonesian
                  • Irish
                  • Italian
                  • Japanese
                  • Korean
                  • Kurdish
                  • Norwegian
                  • Persian
                  • Portuguese
                  • Portuguese (Brazilian)
                  • Romanian
                  • Russian
                  • Spanish
                  • Spanish (Mexico)
                  • Swedish
                  • Turkish
                  • Thai

                  To select your language preferences, go to Settings and pick your chatbot’s language of choice.

                  multilingual chatbot

                  Endless Applications for Marketing with Facebook Messenger Chat

                  Design your chatbots to help your customers do anything a web page can do — with greater engagement and immediacy?— using easy-to-set Q&A triggers.

                  Engaging. Conversational. Mobile-Friendly. Persistent.
                  Facebook Messenger Marketing Automation Is Easy with MobileMonkey!