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                  Chatbot Marketing Case Studies

                  See how businesses like yours are growing with MobileMonkey. Get inspired for your next Facebook Messenger marketing campaign.

                  car loans canada chatbot case study

                  Car Loans Canada

                  Generating high-quality, cost efficient applicants with chatbot-powered click-to-Messenger ads


                  Increasing awareness and sales with chatbot-powered giveaways and hyper-tailored ad creative


                  Reducing cost per lead of Facebook ads and automating lead nurture with Messenger bots

                  Summit Academy OIC

                  Enrolling more students with chatbot-powered click-to-Messenger ads and automated lead nurture

                  lincoln davies building supply chatbot case study

                  Lincoln Davies Building Supply

                  Reducing customer support and sales qualification costs with automated FAQs in website chat

                  sacred movements chatbot case study

                  Sacred Movements

                  Increasing class sizes with bot-powered Facebook ads and reducing costs of sales with automated FAQs

                  sharkeys_cuts_for_kids case study

                  Sharkey's Cuts for Kids

                  Driving appointments with giveaway incentives, Facebook ads & Messenger bots to automate bookings

                  Drive more leads and drastically reduce costs of?Facebook Ads and lead?acquisition with MobileMonkey chatbots and Facebook Ad tools!