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                  How to Start a Chatbot Agency

                  How to Start a Chatbot Agency: The 5-Step Process for Launching a Successful Chatbot Marketing Agency

                  The number of founders learning how to start a chatbot agency is increasing at a significant rate.

                  Chatbots are the biggest marketing trend to emerge in the marketing landscape in the past ten years. The marketing agencies with the biggest successes and the highest client retention right now are the marketing agencies that are using chatbots to their maximum potential.

                  This is a very big deal.

                  If you are part of a marketing agency, it’s crucial to take advantage of this massive opportunity in the marketing landscape. Selling chatbot services is a fast path to an exploding lead pipeline, buckets of revenue, and an unstoppable advantage over your competitors.

                  Read this article, and you’ll learn…

                  • Exactly how to capitalize on the chatbot marketing trend before it becomes saturated
                  • How to sell chatbot services without losing your marketing edge
                  • How your agency can scale in spite of the massive new demand for your services

                  Want to start a chatbot agency? This article is the framework you should follow if you want to sell chatbot services, go big, and forge the future of marketing.

                  Start a Chatbot Agency Step 1:? Decide how chatbots will fit with your current marketing services.

                  If you want to start a chatbot marketing agency, this is a no-brainer. You already know you want to sell chatbots.

                  But if you’re on the fence about selling chatbot services, this section is for you. (Plus this article, which provides more detail on the subject.)

                  There are two basic approaches here:

                  1. Start a chatbot agency from scratch. Brilliant. Skip to section 2.
                  2. Add chatbot services to your existing marketing services. Awesome. Keep reading.

                  Should you sell chatbot services?

                  In most cases for marketing agencies, the answer is yes. Why?

                  • Your existing customers are expecting it.
                  • Chatbots can generate massive results for your clients.
                  • Chatbot marketing perfectly complements other digital marketing services like Facebook ads and social media management.
                  • Chatbots can provide a recurring revenue stream with valuable retainer contracts.
                  • Chatbots are an easy sell.
                  • Chatbots set your agency apart as innovative and unstoppable.
                  • Chatbots are a perfect way to defy seasonal slumps or becoming outmoded.
                  • Chatbots are scalable.
                  • Chatbots are easy to learn.
                  • Chatbot builders are inexpensive.

                  Let’s use an example.

                  Say you have a client who is a personal coach. You’re running Facebook ads, and she’s getting moderate success.

                  But Facebook ads are expensive. Plus, she’s having a hard time qualifying her leads. She’s not upset about your services, but she wants something more

                  Enter chatbots.

                  Personal Trainer Chatbot

                  Creating a simple chatbot sequence for your client can transform her ho-hum marketing results into slap-you-in-the-face success

                  Hand her this chatbot, and instantly several things happen:

                  • She qualifies leads?automatically?using a conversational chatbot sequence
                  • All her non-qualified leads are funneled into her Facebook group for exciting fitness tips and health advice.
                  • Qualified leads can instantly schedule appointments for a free consultation
                  • Her chatbot Messenger messages get 70-80% open rates and 40% clickthrough rates?every time.

                  There’s more, but you get the idea.

                  Oh, and one of the best parts? All you had to do was clone our personal coach bot template and sell it to her. (But you don’t need to tell her that.)

                  Test the bot sequence yourself by clicking here.

                  The first step is simple — make the decision that you’re going to sell chatbot marketing services, and visualize what it’s going to look like as part of your ongoing marketing practice.

                  Start a Chatbot Agency Step 2: Select a chatbot building platform like MobileMonkey.

                  To start a chatbot agency, you need chatbot tools.

                  And the best chatbot creator we know of is MobileMonkey. (No surprise there.)

                  Insert shameless plug for MobileMonkey. ??

                  As a marketing agency, whenever you offer a new product or service, it’s important to purchase top-of-the-line tools for creating and sustaining your new product.

                  There are more chatbot builders than MobileMonkey, of course, so here are some guidelines for selecting a good chatbot builder.

                  • Choose a chatbot builder that is easy to use.
                  • Select a chatbot builder that offers plenty of features.
                  • Choose a chatbot that has endorsements from notable marketers.
                  • Choose a chatbot company that won’t go out of business anytime soon.

                  That fourth point is crucial. Chatbots are in the early days of development, so companies are rising and falling all the time. Find someone who’s been in business longer than a few months, has a solid support team, and has some social support (like a Facebook group).

                  MobileMonkey is the fastest-growing official Facebook Messenger marketing solutions provider partner. What this means is that MobileMonkey is the rising star in the chatbot marketing world, recognized by Facebook (as an official partner) and endorsed by marketing notables like Neil Patel, Mari Smith, and Brian Dean.

                  MobileMonkey was designed as an agency software with an agency pricing model. The entire MobileMonkey platform is ideally suited for agency marketers, and the tools are designed for agencies to use on behalf of their clients.

                  MobileMonkey has thousands of agency marketers including Facebook marketing agencies, social media marketing agencies, and other boutique marketing agencies. Check out the?MobileMonkey Certified Agency Directory to find out how other marketers are using the product and selling their chatbot services.

                  MobileMonkey’s advantages for agencies are multifold:

                  • Unlimited Facebook pages. Easily scale your services without accruing additional costs.
                  • Unlimited features. Every one of MobileMonkey’s features is available to every Facebook page and every one of your clients.
                  • On-boarding support provided by MobileMonkey expert bot builders. Unlimited Messenger contacts included?free,?which gives you more than enough runway to build major results for your clients.
                  • Your entire marketing team and your clients can collaborate on the development of the chatbots.

                  If you want to start a chatbot agency, you’re going to need an agency plan. Buy it. Get it. Do it.

                  While you’re just learning the platform, however, you can get started with a free plan.

                  Start a Chatbot Agency Step 3: Learn how to use your chatbot builder.

                  This is the fun part. And I don’t mean “fun” as a euphemism for “arduous, painful, and difficult learning curve.”

                  Making chatbot is fun, easy, and (this is an important one for me), code free!

                  This is the main screen of the dialogue creator in the bot builder. No code, anywhere.

                  chatbot builder

                  If you want to skip the creation process and work with something ready-made, we’ve got you covered. MobileMonkey has assembled a powerful library of chatbots.

                  When you’re starting out, you can simply copy or borrow from the existing chatbot templates.

                  Then, the more dialogues and sequences that you develop, the more options you’ll have to choose from when you create chatbots for other clients.

                  If you become niched-down into a particular vertical, then it becomes easy to simply tweak a few elements to offer your new chatbot client a chatbot service. It takes you a few minutes, but you give them a brand new marketing channel.

                  For example, if you serve doctors and dentists with marketing services, then you can simply repurpose the dentist’s office chatbot for many of your clients.

                  dentist office chatbot

                  This is where the subject of scaling comes into play as I mentioned earlier.

                  The best way to learn chatbots is to use them in your marketing funnel. The more you use it yourself, the better you’ll be able to create and provide them for your clients.

                  (Oh, and, yes, we have a marketing agency template for you.)

                  Start a Chatbot Agency Step 4:

                  Determine your pricing structure for your chatbot agency.

                  It’s time to talk about money. In a good way.

                  Chatbots are a valuable marketing service, and it’s important to determine a pricing structure that asserts the value of your product without making it cost-prohibitive for tentative clients.

                  One of the best pricing structures, especially if you’ve just started a chatbot agency, is a simple fee for chatbot creation plus a retainer fee for the ongoing service.

                  Here’s how it might work.

                  • 1 chatbot = $1,000
                  • Ongoing retainer = $500/month base + $50 per additional chatbot

                  This is, obviously, a simple pricing structure, but it gives you a starting point.

                  There are a variety of chatbot-related services that you can offer your clients. These can be priced independently, upsold, provided as free, or whatever combination you think would work best in your particular niche.

                  Here are some examples

                  Be sure to set an ongoing retainer fee for chatbot service. The retainer fee covers the ongoing cost of your chatbot building software, maintenance or optimization required and reporting on data and other analytics.

                  Start a Chatbot Agency Step 5: Launch your chatbot agency or sell your chatbot services to existing clients.

                  It’s time to start your chatbot agency.

                  And, if you already have a marketing agency, you can cross-sell or upsell your chatbot services to the clients you already have.

                  Pull out the stops to your marketing. You are offering a valuable service — one that is almost certain to blow up your clients’ business.

                  Start a Chatbot Agency – Action Items:

                  MobileMonkey has an ever growing number of resources for digital marketing agencies.

                  We have great relationships with our agency partners, and continue to be amazed by the returns agencies get by?selling chatbot services to clients.

                  Start by learning how to grow an agency business with chatbot marketing services.

                  Or, if you prefer print, here are our latest knowledge bombs to help you grow your client portfolio, increase your average deal size, and win more business:

                  MobileMonkey agency Team Plan partners?get advanced?web chat marketing?automation features, multi-page and multi-user dashboard, and new client referrals as a certified MobileMonkey agency.


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